Où sont les sons ? Where are sounds?




Où sont les sons ? Where Are Sounds? is an exhibition put together by Nicole GINGRAS, an independent curator interested in the links between sound and image, and in listening as a means of relating to the world. With regard to this exhibition, the curator comments: “Where are sounds? Where are they going? This double question, so simple at first sight, reveals several essential aspects specific to listening, including the predispositions of listeners at all sound events. The exhibition also allows us to examine the ways in which sounds manifest themselves and travel through a given site, in public places or during our daily wanderings. Several artists have explored these issues. Some work in sound, probing the intensity of sonic masses, while others are interested in noise or aural traces; still others focus on silence, the near-inaudible or imperceptible. Finally, some convert a sound phenomenon into an object, a sculpture or temporal experience. Où sont les sons ? Where Are Sounds? suggests that it is not only possible to hear a sound, but also to see it, touch it, be pervaded by it.”

This large-scale project came about following an invitation that OVERTOON, a Brussels-based platform for the production and dissemination of sound art, extended to Nicole Gingras, a curator who lives in Montreal and is well-known for her investigations of images, sounds and kinetic art. The project stems from a partnership between OVERTOON and CENTRALE.

Où sont les sons ? Where Are Sounds? is supported by the Région de Bruxelles-Capitale and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Nicole Gingras