Title: Agorafolly Outside / Inside
Author: Various
Publisher: City of Brussels, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions, Europalia International
Publication: Printed in 2007
Format: 1 vol. (96 p.) 16.4 x 24 cm
Collection: Europalia
Summary: Agorafolly Inside gives a voice to 27 up-and-coming talented artists from European countries. Features 27 artists’ perspectives on their home countries, on the theme of national identity, and including both new creations and existing works.  It is at times funny, tender, cruel and serious, and offers an insight into diversity in the European Union.In partnership with Europalia Europa
Artists: Assocreation, Sophie Nys, Venelin Shurelov, Melita Couta, Pavel Sterec, Ales Cermak & Jan Trejbal, Sebastian Walther, AVPD Aslak Vibaek – Peter Dossing, Veronika Valk, Antonio Ruiz Montesino, Antti Majava, Fabien Verschaere, Yiota Ionnidou, Marcell Eszterhazy, Seamus Nolan, Antonio Pio Saracino, Milkintas Rimantas, Roland Quetsch, Agnese Stabina, Austin Camilleri, Wouter Klein Velderman, Alicja Karska & Aleksandra Went, Rodrigo Oliveira, Virgil Scripcariu, Fia-Stina Sandlund, Gaja Zornada, Radovan Cerevka, Peter Liversidge
Topic: contemporary art, Europe, identity
Language: French, English and Dutch
Document type: printed text, illustrations
Identifier: ISBN : 9789061538011
Price: € 15,00