CENTRALE Cinema – Carte blanche Xavier Noiret-Thomé

23.09.2020 – 12:30
Pick-nick welcome !
7 € projection + expo ; 5 € projection ; 3 € students
Reservation required via info@centrale.brussels

Carte blanche Xavier Noiret-Thomé.
Xavier Noiret-Thomé’s work consists in a loving and perpetual appropriation of the history of art and of painting in particular. All the artists presented in this selection of films belong to Noiret-Thomé’s idols. As far as he is concerned, they embody the idea of the artist as a lonely and heroic figure.

Anemic Cinéma by Marcel Duchamp
Black and white, silent, 7′, 1926
A film that gained the status of work of art.

Jackson Pollock by Hans Namuth
Colour, 10′, 1951, EN
Jackson Pollock filmed drip painting! A classic!

Bram Van Velde by Jean-Michel Meurice
Colour, 26′, 1981, FR
An intimate walk-through of the garden, the house, the silences and the photo albums of the Dutch painter Bram van Velde.

Niele Toroni by Elsa Cayo
Colour, 15′, 1987, FR
Toroni is mounting his exhibition, hanging canvas and rolls, paints in situ and – in true craftsman fashion – lays out the meticulous and precise modus operandi of his art.

In partnership with Centre du Film sur l’Art.