Full program screened in loop during opening hours

05-12, 06-12, 07-12, 09-12, 12-12, 13-12, 14-12, 15-12, 16-12, 19-12, 20-12, 21-12, 22-12, 23-12, 26-12, 27-12, 28-12, 29-12, 30-12     
Selection of news and video clips, including feminist marches, PussyRiot’s video clips, Femen’s street interventions, Guerrilla Girls’ short movies, and others.

As part of the OPEN ACADEMY, a film program and a visual library will allow visitors and participants to delve into certain aspects of social and artistic protest and resistance.

The film program is divided into 4 moments and themes: historical documentaries on May 68, documentaries or films dedicated to certain artists of the exhibition RESISTANCE, video clips (Pussy Riots), videonews and other documentary elements documenting current feminist actions and films dedicated to ecology.

Research for the visual library is a consciously subjective and non-exhaustive attempt to bring together different materials on the relationship between resistance and art, particularly on the themes of feminism and environment.

© 2017, Mark Dixon