Workshops at CENTRALE with Mahé Ripoll

Atelier de la CENTRALE avec Mahé Ripoll

05 & 19-12 2018 / 09 & 23-01 2019 – 14:00 > 16:00 – 5€ (entrance to the exhibition included and material provided)
Intergenerational workshops (from 8 years)

Info and reservations :  – 02 279 64 44

Workshops led by the artist Mahé Ripoll in the frame of the exhibition RESISTANCE

Mahé Ripoli’s Wednesday workshops will take the colour of clay. A raw, locally-sourced clay ready to be worked in its essence, creating various forms and mixed with other materials based on raw earth ecological construction techniques.

[ATELIERS] Mahé Ripoll from Centralebrussels on Vimeo.

05-12 2018 – Earth to Water

The aim of this workshop consists in emphasizing the basic technique for shaping clay which are used by potters around the world to make candle jars or other decorative objects. Raw clay boasts cleansing effects. Earth is capable of retaining water molecules when the air is moist and to reject the same particles when the environment is dryer. Paint, debris of terracotta can be used to decorate the candle jars and other objects.

19-12 2018 – Blocks

This session focuses on the fabrication of terracotta blocks. Initially used in the construction industry, raw earth blocks convey thermal inertial to a house. Here, this functionality will be diverted and the blocks will be shaped as table mats. Casings and tools will be made available to elaborate these objects.

09-01 2019 – Here comes the paint

The earth will be blended with paint to create mortars of various colours and to compose paintings. Mortar frames will be distributed to the participants. Contemplate without moderation.

23-01 2019 – Around the jar

For lack of making jars, the participants will create a mud that they will place on a grid that will guide the shape of the cachepot that they will make. Traditionally, construction cob – or mud – is made using raw clay and straw. Here, outdated flyers will be used as the fibre necessary to consolidate the cob structure and will add touches of colour that can be highlighted with paint or paper strips.