Claire Andrzejczak


Centrale Lab

Fata Morgana 2019 Projector, light filters, drawing paper. Variable dimensions (c) Claire Andrzejczak - CENTRALE.lab

I’m always mentally photographing everything as practice

Claire Andrzejczak (B. France, 1984) practice is nourished by the act of seeing : a meticulous examination of reality to reveal the presence of unperceptible phenomena, and at the same time the exposition of the most accurate perceptions of a subjective moment. This investigation on the visible implies the paradox of a vision both haptic (touching) and directed to the intangible (untouchable). Claire Andrzejczak’s work has been featured in a solo exhibition – Letter 1 : To the lightouse – at Bureau des Réalités, Brussels, (2017). Her work has been part of the following group exhibitions at, among others, Ephemeral permanence, Félix Frachon gallery, (2018); Private Choices Part II, private exhibition space of Frédéric de Goldschmidt, (2017); Back Office, Hotel Bloom Penthouse (2017); Encoding the Urban (Kunsthalle de Mulhouse, (2016); (A)-curated, Will Kerr Studio (2016); Embodiment, Nationa(a)l, (2015); Accidental colors, Belgisch Instituut voor Normalisatie, (2015).

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication with a text by Romuald Demidenko.

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