La Grande Retification

Vernissage 14-12 2016 – 18.30

The Dialogist-Kantor, Toni Geirlandt and Carlos Montalvo, are performers. They use performance as an attitude of resistance against the commodification of individuals by society. They base their work on the idea that art is a constant celebration. They collaborate with other creators (individuals or groups) and organise meetings which invite participants (artists or not) to develop thought and the aesthetic gesture. Their objects, videos and posters are brought together in archives to be reactivated, and are testimonials as much as they are signs of their counter-culture. For their exhibition at the CENTRALE.box, they offer an installation inspired by a play written during an artistic retreat in 2002. Inspired by real scenes and the people present, the installation “La Grande Retification” is a metamorphosis of this play comprising objects, actions and documents.