How to Disappear


“Perpetually pressed by fear and necessity, their only desire is the bare preservation of life, and their only occupation is flight and concealment. If the human species, as is reasonable to suppose, shall, in the progress of time, people equally the whole surface of the earth, the history of the beaver, in a few ages, will be regarded as a ridiculous fable.”
In the 18th century, the French naturalist, biologist, cosmologist and writer de Buffon examined the relationship between humans and animals. Today, like hunters, Lucie LANZINI and Antoine VANOVERSCHELDE walk, observe, trace and track a collection of animals in the search for stories, fables, myths and folklore surrounding them. One a sculptor, the other a photographer, they occasionally work together to put on joint exhibitions that juxtapose their formally different approaches around a shared reflexion on the subject of animals. For their exhibition at the B-Gallery, they present a collection of works that reveal the images, residues and traces of their experiences and encounters while blending into the background. It is all about self-effacement and attitudes, with a hint of hide-and-seek. How to disappear …