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GOOD LOST CORNERS - places that appeal to me

“These are my stories, but to the reader, the content will not be that different. These could be anyone’s stories.” – SPOT SPOTS – Prologue due to circumstances, 2017 – Artist book, Self-published – Max Kesteloot

For more than 10 years, Max Kesteloot (1990, Ghent, lives and works in Oostende) captures his observations on photo. During walks or travels, his main focus is on his surrounding urban context with often seemingly banal architectural elements. His images are devoid of people and only refer indirectly to a potential presence or action. Kesteloot’s work seems to be about how we absorb our environment, and how it results in fragmented impressions and associative memories.

In the exhibition GOOD LOST CORNERS – places that appeal to me, visitors can hear a constant voice that refers to places that have been photographed by the artist and then used as a source for making visual works. It is impossible for the viewers to know which text belongs to which work or image, but this is exactly what makes it interesting to explore the work further.

Untitled photograph, Ault (FR), 2019 © Max Kesteloot

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