Cycles (Cycloids and the Cyclops)


From dust to stones, stones to rocks and rocks to planets, there’s an inherent rhythm in the universe, a force that makes everything subject to cycles. We knew this before mythological times. Particles adding up to make matter, straight lines accumulating to make curves, circles and spheres. From the atomic to the astronomical, these cycles can last from a few seconds to thousands of years, all influencing on everyday life. The moon and the sun control the tides, the alternation of night and day and the seasons, giving us a rhythmic order which we count in days, months and years. They establish with our inner clock, the circadian and corporeal rhythms, forming an astonishing harmony, making our lungs breathe, our blood flow, our eyes blink, our hair grow, our skin shed. All cycles interrelated with each other in circular movements. From planets to rocks, rocks to stones, stones to dust.