Xavier Noiret-Thomé – Henk Visch




CENTRALE presents the exhibition Xavier Noiret-Thomé & Henk Visch PANORAMA, an ode to painting and sculpture.

Xavier Noiret-Thomé, a French artist based in Brussels, creates singularly-varied paintings and collages that feed on knowledge, experience and lived experiences. He has chosen to invite Henk Visch, a Dutch sculptor, draughtsman and painter, whose monumental and miniature sculptures, to him, echo the human thought process.

Their direct and intense works depict a vision of reality sometimes tinted with humour, as these artists attempt to define the creative process and its impact on life.

For this exhibition, the two artists devised a journey split into five chapters, going from thought to metaphysics. Proposing an alternative approach to the classical presentation of painting and sculpture, this path allows for a reading of the very artistic process of their respective works, and the issues it addresses.

Artists, performers, jazz musicians and intergenerational workshop facilitators will offer other perspectives on the duo.

The exhibition comes with an exceptional collaboration with Mechelen’s De Garage (Exhibition No more no less : 19.09 > 22.11.2020).

Xavier Noiret-Thomé – Henk Visch. Panorama
03.09.2020 > 17.01.2021
Opening: 02.09.2020


With the support of

Xavier Noiret-Thomé
Les citrons, 2019, peinture acrylique sur toile, 180 x 140 cm (Courtesy: XNT)


  • Carine FOL

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Closed on public holidays (01.05.2020)

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