Bruxelles à l’infini

Title: Bruxelles à l’infini – Photographes en Résidence. Collection Contretype.
Author: Danielle Leenaerts, Emmanuel d’Autreppe, preface by Michel Poivert
Publisher: CFC-Éditions, Contretype, ARP2
Publication: Printed in 2014
Format: 1 vol. (208 p.): 22.5 x 28 cm
Collection: regards sur la ville (city perspectives)
Summary: Since 1997, Espace Photographique Contretype (Contretype Photographic Space) in Brussels has developed a hosting and production programme for photographers in the form of resident artists.

Artist residences have a dual purpose: firstly to enable the artist to have time to reflect on his/her work, and secondly to question the stage of development achieved by his/her artistic research. This exploration should never be in response to a commission, as projects developed as part of a residence should seek to continue to develop the artist’s own corpus and interests. In addition, the specific nature of the geographic context of the creative works (i.e. Brussels) is taken into account. Based on the fulfilment of these two conditions, resident photographers are encouraged to record memories of their time in residence. (…).  This series of residences has enabled a rough portrait of [Brussels] to be put together in order to get to know the city. This is not about quoting the city as the subject, but rather an acknowledgement of the city’s constant presence as a place in which people live and are creative, with its own artistic practices. (Excerpt from the website

Artists: Alain Paiement, Bernard Plossu, Barbara Et Michael Leisgen, Angel Marcos, Isabelle Arthuis, Marie-Noëlle Dailly, André Cepeda, Karole Biron, Elina Brotherus, István Halas, Sébastien Reuzé, J.H. Engström, Hicham Benohoud, Philippe Herbet, Sébastien Camboulive , Projet: Bruxelles: Luca Etter, François Goffin, Sarah Morisssens, Armand Quetsch, Andreas Weinand , Isabelle Hayeur, Chantal Maes, Daniel Desmedt, Satoru Toma, Sári Ember, André Cepeda Et Eduardo Matos, Marie Noëlle Boutin, Rui Calçada Bastos Et Noé Sendas , Erika Vancouver, Vicente De Mello, Barbora Pivokovà, Enikö Hangay, Ieva Epnere
Topic: contemporary art, photography, video
Language: French and English
Document type: printed text, cardboard cover, more than 300 copies in process colours (CMYK)
Identifier: ISBN : 978-2-87572-008-5
Price: € 39,00