Fighting the box

Title: Fighting the box
Author: Giovanna Massoni, Dieter Von der Storm
Publisher: City of Brussels, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions
Publication: Printed in June 2009
Format: 1 vol. (95 p.) : 19.2 x 24 cm
Collection: /
Summary: Fighting the box reveals the creative processes of 20 Belgian designers in partnership with 20 international companies.

Firstly, the product is shown: finished, manufactured and ready to use.  Secondly, the reader discovers the various project development phases, beginning with the creators’ initial aims.  Each designer’s own unique language in response to mass production constraints can be decoded through preliminary drawings, 3D studies and models. The story of an Object which, through its uniqueness, becomes a design for the masses.

Artists: Marina Bautier, Alain Berteau, Big-Game, MLichaël Bihain, Damien Bihr, Bram Boo, Benoît Deneufbourg, Nathalie Dewez, Jean-François D’Or, Nedda El-Asmar, Alain Gilles, Charles Kaisin, Xavier Lust, Stefan Schöning, Lucile Soufflet, Diane Steverlynck, Roel Vandebeek, Vincent van Duysen, Danny Venlet, Sylvain Willenz
Topic: design, creative process, Belgium
Language: French, English and Dutch
Document type: printed text, illustrations
Identifier: ISBN : 9789079502110
Price: € 25,00