Johan Muyle. Indian Studio

Title: Johan Muyle – Indian Studio
Author: Bernard Marcelis, Carine Fol
Publisher: Fonds Mercator
Publication: Printed in 2013
Format: 1 vol. (144 p.): 24 x 30 cm
Collection: /
Summary: Johan Muyle, Indian Studio (1995 -…) was published for the Johan Muyle exhibition at the CENTRALE for Contemporary art (Brussels) as part of the Europalia India festival, and is the first major monograph dedicated to the artist’s Indian years.  The book gives an overview of the artist’s Baroque pictorial language, which combines nostalgia and humour in a diverse range of both urban and popular, Oriental and Western artistic creations.The book includes a contribution by Belgian art critic Bernard Marcelis.
Artists: Johan Muyle
Topic: contemporary art, identity, India
Language: English
Document type: printed text, 60 colour illustrations – hardback
Identifier: ISBN : 978944623001256
Price: € 30,00