Title: Zoo
Author: Various
Publisher: City of Brussels, asbl Bruxelles-Musées-Expositions
Publication: Printed in June 2006
Format: 1 vol. (160 p.): 22 x 26.8 cm
Collection: /
Summary: Enormous spider on pink satin, fragmented horses, boxer cat, posing llama or seal, kayaking dogs, crocodile re-enacting the story of Jonah and the whale, fetish teddy bear, fox and rats invading the Carnavalet museum…Approximately thirty Belgian and international artists, some of whom have never been exhibited in Belgium, give their acerbic view of our ambiguous relationship with animals, from passionate admiration to brutal domination.
Artists: Gilles Aillaud, Jane Alexander, Stephan Balkenhol, Joël Bartoloméo, Pascal Bernier, Balthasar Burkhard, Marie José Burki, Bogna Burska, Christian Carez, Cracking Art Group, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Jan Fabre, Maïder Fortuné, Jean-François Gavoty, Carsten Höller, Roni Horn, Karen Knorr, Oleg Kulik, Per Maning, Johan Muyle, Dorota Nieznalska, Charlemagne Palestine, Eric Poitevin, Rober Racine, Olivier Richon, Carolina Saquel, Alain Séchas, William Sweetlove, Tomi Ungerer, Bob Vanderbob, Valérie Vanderschaeghe, William Wegman
Topic: contemporary art, animals
Language: French, English and Dutch
Document type: printed text, illustrations
Identifier: ISBN : 90-777033-07-6
Price: € 25,00