Travel in your own room with artist Françoise Schein!

Confirmed visual artist Françoise Schein –  well known at CENTRALE for her participative project “Le Grand BanKet” –  is joining forces with 5 of her students from ESAM-C2. Together they are offering us new workshops: “Travelling inside my room” or how to reproduce your room in miniature. Every Friday, discover a new world and a new model!

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A project of digital mediation was germinating at CENTRALE. With the confinement we are accelerating the process. Here we come with its first blossoms for you to enjoy! Discover artist Marion Fabien’s first digital tutorial here!


Workshop : Face(s) of the monster

Graphic researches using the printing technique. Realisation of stamps and ink prints. Using overprint, we will make a monstrous portrait, big or small.

Use of cutter, do not leave children alone.


Workshop : Monotype

Researches of forms and figures around the theme of the Bestiary. Real or imaginary animals. Hybridization of forms. Researches on drawing, then on monotype. Impressions and overprints. The various researches will be made into a little publication.


Workshop : Shadows

Work around light and shadow. Drawing researches based on experimentations on silhouettes on small formats. Contours / forms / aperture / flat areas / work with China ink. A small publication will record the various experimentations.


Workshop : Masks

Realisation of finery or masks. Research on the figure of the mask and its representation. Manipulation of various materials using the assemblage technique: cardboard / paper / plastic straws / sticky tape / survival blanket…